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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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neighborhood. live report is next. >> and diners protest imminent
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good evening. i'm ama dates. dan has the night off. >> i'm carolyn johnson. what started as a investigation into stolen ipads they call one of the largest local methamphetamines busts in history. they are cleaning up an apartment investigators say was turn need a sophisticated meth lab. they found 750 pounds of meth and potent ice form with a street value of $34 million. three suspects are under arrest. police say they also found those missing ipads. in berkeley, three people
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were shot. it happened between university avenue and dwight way. abc7's thomas roman is at police headquarters live for us. thomas? >> ama, carolyn, police are not saying whether this shooting was gang-related. the five men were specifically targeted as they were shooting ties in front of an apartment building. >> this was the scene at sky 7hd. police stopped the white van that had one of the victims inside. at 6:20 shots were fired here near bancroft way. they heard a barrage of shots on the street. they opened fire on five young men and they were in front of an apartment building shooting dice. emily sew wednesday was in her apartment when the shots sounded. jay we heard a bunch of shots like eight shots. we ducked and ran into the hallway. we called the cops and came out here.
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i guess people were shot over there. >> three men were wounded and one man was wounded trying to get away. a mother with two young children were inside. the van managed to get to bancroft before it was stopped by police. this shooting is a result of too much time and too many guns. >> have to find out where these guns are coming from. they have to get these gun offs the street. all of the kids have guns. they don't have an education, but they have guns. >> evidence marks show a dozen shots were fired. a family with small children was by a window where a bullet nearly went through in the shooting. >> some of the bullets went over here and in the window there is a nice lady that has some children and her and her kid were near the window when it happened. >> at least two men were in the car when it opened fire. there is no description of the car at this time. they recently told us they have several descriptions of the suspect car and investigators are trying to narrow it down. the suspects are at large and
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anyone with information is asked to call berkeley police. thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you. three men are in jail accused in an october shooting that killed three young people in san leandro. the victims were gunned down following a warehouse party that was advertised on-line. sergio quintana is live with reaction with one of the fathers of the victim. >> i met him in october, the morning he found out his daughter was murdered. he begged people at the party to call police with information so he could get justice for his daughter. tonight he says he is three steps closer to getting that justice. for the last five months he kept his daughter's bedroom almost exactly the same as the last time she was there. >> i actually in my mind keep thinking she is coming home. >> reporter: except for the small shrine he put together in her memory. she was shot to death in san leandro. now he is feeling relief. >> i can't even express how i feel right now.
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>> reporter: san leandro police arrested three men, stewart, perry and turner. they are now facing charges including homicide for their alleged roles in the murder of kiel and her two friends. they were killed in a spray of bullets following an october party that san leandro police say was organized on-line. kiel says he has since been in close contact of the family of the other victims. >> we got a walk through of the murders from the witnesses that were there. >> reporter: he says the shooting started because his daughter and her friends brushed off the young men and their bruised egos triggered the gunfire. a fourth man, 20-year-old paul arthur stevenson was arrested a few weeks after the shootings charged with three counts of murder. roger kiel says he is surprised by the latest arrests because he figured the three young men had fled the state. he reached out to america's most wanted this week. >> i have this renewed faith in the police department. i can't believe i was on the
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verge of contacting "america's most wanted" and i don't need" america's most wanted" now. can you believe that? >> kiel learned of the latest arrests from abc news this evening, and he says he quickly called the other victims' families. he says they are all happy and now preparing for the suspects to wind their way through the court system. in the news roornlings sergio quintana, abc news. >> thank you, sergio. three members of occupy oakland were charged with robbery and hate crimes. the three were arrested on february 22nd after police received a call of a robbery. the victim says she was walking by a small group of occupy oakland protesters calling for a riot. she asked them not to do that in their neighborhood. three protesters surrounded her, called her names and took her wallet. a wall of monster tornadoes is tearing across the nation. 77 so far. at least 28 people are dead and for millions of people this will be an anxious night. tornado warnings are still in affect. t.j. winick is in the danger
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joan in smithsville, tennessee. >> tornadoes blitz the heartland for the second time this week. the terrifying sight filled the skies from the gulf to the great lakes. some 70 reported twisters. sirens sent up the alarm, one of hundreds that went off on friday. it was some late for someplaces. in henryville, destruction as far as the eye can see. building after building reduced to piles of rubble. >> they can see the storm clouds coming in. you can see them swirling and then debris and everything. that's when we went in the house and all i can figure is the wind was coming at us. >> i saw debris everywhere. it is just a dream. >> the storm ripped off the roof of the high school, but everyone inside was safely vac it whatted. the small town of mariesville is -- marysville is completely gone. in po se y county it drove the
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timber through a wall. >> at least 19 people were killed as a result of the storms on this horrific day. at least five of those deaths are in kentucky which is declared a state of emergency. t.j. winick, abc news, smithville, tennessee. >> and again these storms are threatening millions of people tonight. meteorologist sandhya patel has been tracking the storms, and she has the latest for us. >> carolyn, let's look at live doppler 7hd, and you can see the strong thunderstorms continuing across the south here from alabama to georgia. we still have some tornado watch boxes, so still some severe thunderstorms rolling through that area. and as we take a look at the tornadoes and exactly how many they have seen so far, there have been numerous reports from the midwest to the south. so far the count is up to 77, but there have been more reports according to the national weather service's special climate center. we are going to keep tabs on this. the severe weather will continue to shift to the south
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and parts of the mid-atlantic states could still see some severe weather heading into your saturday morning. but it is not expected to be quite as widespread. ama? >> sandhya, thank you. a state appellate court ruled one of the kidnappers should go free. the first district court of appeals say he served his irrelevant 34-year sentence and immediately released on parole perhaps as soon as may. he along with two other men kidnapped a bus load of school children and buried them in a rock quarry in 1976. the crookedest street in the world was the wettest. this after a car struck a hydrant on lombard street. the car had to swerve to avoid another vehicle and stopped short. it took firecrews half an hour to turn off the water. the water entered several garages along the street, but only one property was flooded. what a mess. it is a delicacy to some,
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but cruelty to others. what happened outside a san francisco restaurant. >> and an east bay man's appeal for help in his fight against obesity. the video that he made that has gone viral. >> the website that was famous thanks to your reviews. and then on "night -- nightline." >> the latest on the deadly tornadoes tearing right through the middle of the country. and the boot camp for guys who can't get a date. that's right after you. ♪ let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't.
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. dinner doesn't normally come with a message, but at alexzander's steak house they served up a statement. they don't want it to go into affect this summer. we warn you. we will show you video you might find disturbing. >> reporter: it is delicately plated at the steak house in san francisco. the dinner is in protest as a ban on the goose liver pate that takes affect in july. >> all will be donated to the
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chef's coalition to pretty much try and counteract the bill that is in place. >> but the restaurant's protest was met with a protest from the animal rescue league. >> we are here to educate consumers about the cruelty and to educate the restaurant that they shouldn't be serving this cruel, barbaric product. >> geese are processed for their rich livers. >> they engorge their livers naturally to migrate. it is a natural process of any bird. also on top of that, that's how they feed their young. it is everything they do naturally in the wild. >> edward baker came to the steak house specifically for this. >> i have to admit i like it so much i am tending toward one side of the story and trying to make it fit into my reality. >> the protesters gave them a petition to get it taken off
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the menu. management politely accepted. celebrity chef wolfgang puck is asking colleagues to reconsider their opposition to the ban. in a letter he says, we chefs have the ability to create delicious and original dishes without tormenting animals. rush limbaugh's attack on a 30-year-old law student ignited a furious backlash against the talk show host. he called her a slut as she testified about health insurance and impact on women's birth control options. >> she must be paid to have sex. what does that make her? it makes her a slut, right? it makes her a prostitute. >> even some top republicans even john baner called the comments inappropriate and today president obama called her. >> what did he say? he expressed support for me. he hoped my parents were proud of me and that really meant something.
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he said that as a father he understood how they would feel. >> companies including quicken loans 1k3* sleep train have pulled their ads from limbaugh's show. it has lead to a fund raising bough -- bonanza. and businesses are coming clean. here is a fraction of the gifts that were reported. governor jerry brown acapulco septembered three -- accepted three gifts and one was a $325 beer stein. newsome had gifts including a teddy bear worths $100. there was a trip to ted lou rt worth more than $3,000. and the los angeles senator accepted $5100 in travel expenses for a trip to china. a more bidly obese livermore man who wants to regain his health says response has been overwhelming since he posted on youtube.
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>> robert gibbs weighs more than 600 pounds. he says he has been overweight his entire life. by 8 he was 150 pounds. within 24 hours of up loading his youtube video he received 200,000 hits. robert who turned 23 today has been hospitalized for weight problems before, but he says this time will be different. >> this birthday i am hoping will be better than the rest of them because i finally asked for help and i am getting it. >> robert is among 18 million morbidly obese americans. that means they weigh at least 100 pounds or moreover weight. a spectacular public debut for the san francisco-based review site, yelp. shares started at $15, but closed at $24.5. analysts caution even though yelp has 66 million visitors a month, they never turned a
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profit. they lost $16.7 million. the business depends on volunteers like you posting reviews of local businesses. it was valued at close to $1.5 billion. let's get a review of the weekend forecast. >> let's get to sandhya. >> a review of the forecast is great looking weather. it is for outdoor plans this weekend. you really have to get outside. this is a glimpse of what is coming. the temperatures will continue to warm. it was close to 70 in downtown santa rosa. the airport hit 70. 63 in san francisco and 64 in half moon bay. mid60s oakland and redwood city, san jose 64 in antioch. got up to 66 in santa cruz and mid60s in places like ukiah. a good 5 to 10 degrees warmer and then take a look at this picture. it was a sunset cents to me via twitter. a lovely shot there. you can see how clear the skies were at the time the sun was going down and the skies
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remain clear tonight. so that means temperatures are going to tumble. already we are seeing numbers in the 40s and 50s except napa has dropped down to 39 degrees. clear and cold overnight, especially the valleys. spring-like days expected, and it is turning cooler on monday, but still no signs of any major storms coming in. here is a look at the area of high pressure that will provide us with some real warm weekends. it is a strong ridge that is in charge this weekend. it is pushing the jet stream to the north. they are well to the north of us now. any will come over and ride over the top of the ridge. so this ridge will provide us with another down sloping day. offshore flow continues on sunday with the warmest spots on sunday. low to mid70s. a good 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. it is going to be spring-like for the upcoming weekend. tonight, bundle up first thing in the morning. it will get cold. 37 degrees in morgan hill.
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look at santa cruz. not even moderated by water. 38 degrees and 35 for napa and 36 in santa rosa. 38 in concord. low to mid40s around the coast and bay. look at these numbers. it is a quick recovery saturday afternoon. 72 in campbell. cupertino and sara saratoga. mill pea disis getting you up to 70 degrees. same thing on the peninsula. 60 -- 68 in san mateo. look for blue skies and near 70-degree weather. here in downtown san francisco, 67 degrees. 63 in daly city of the look at the north bay and temperatures should be in the low 60s around this time of year. tomorrow it is close to 10 degrees above where you should be. 72 in the afternoon. novato, napa, east bay communities, this is why you need to get outside.
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inland areas in the 70s. 72 pleasanton, livermore 71 and for the money away bay, 68 money money tau -- monterey. it is a mild to warm weekend. temperatures are going up and then it cools off. a few more clouds and breezy as a trough comes through, and then more mild weather wednesday through friday. carolyn and ama, i can't find any rain in the forecast. latest models are trending tryer and dryer. >> thanks. it is the event where people dressed way down to get dressed up. >> why they stripped down in >> why they stripped down in -h( music playing ) waited in - we know technology can make you more connected.
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now permanently larger than life in columbus, ohio. an eight-foot bronze sculpture was unveiled at the kickoff for the 24th annual arnold sports festival. did you know there was one? it shows the former governor in his prime body building years. it didn't go off without a hitch. a heckler was shoved to the ground by a fan who didn't appreciate somebody making fun of the govornator.
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they braved the morning cold by wearing nothing but their undies. they celebrated the opening of the union square store with one of the famous undie parties. the first 100 people to arrive left with a free two-piece outfit, any top, any bottom. possible value about a thousand dollars. and all got 50% off the merchandise. such a deal. larry beil is off and colin rush is in. >> the warriors on the anniversary of will chamberlain's night. how they tame the lions in the west coast conference tournament.
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. 50 years ago tonight will chamberlain scored in the
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169-149 win over the knicks. he remembers the night this way. >> number one we won the game contrary to popular belief a lot of people. and the other thing wilt tried to come out of the game before he got to 100 points. >> i didn't know that. wilt's sister is on hand in philly. coincidence, the warriors visiting the sixers. is game tied at 27 and late in the second and david leigh coins it up and 24 points and 15 boards for lee. to the third and this is vintage mantoy. 20 in the game and all philly after that. lou williams launching. had he played the night he would have out scored the warriors by 17 himself. 105-83 the final. in two previous meetings, the games between usf and the mare raw mount -- mer ri mon lions
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was a blowout. what happens in vegas stays in vegas unless you win the west coast conference tournaments. and then you go to the national tournament. lmu steps on his foot and tosses it up and goes in. count it and they respond to a 12-3 run. it is off the glass and he will take it for the win. five three's and 19 points. set three and gets it to go. 5* minute left and green with just three of 15 shooting and he puts it away. 67-60usf will meet saint mary's tomorrow night. the first pitch of cactus league play provided by the a's and mariners. he asked to serve a suspension and he grounds into the inning. they went 0 for 2 in the debut.
11:31 pm
he was teeing off on oakland's pitching. this one from michael saunders. 8-5 seattle and these two teams play again tomorrow. he could be the number one pick in this year's major league draft. fresno state, un-- unem pressed. he judged two homers and cardinals set for their first loss of the year. that was your toyota sports report. stanford, sorry, carolyn of the they are still number one. >> they better lose early, right? can't lose until we get to the end. >> thank you. "nightline" is next. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us, everyone. hey guys, breakfast!
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